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Cultural Sensitivity

In mid-summer, CSA and a number of companies representing a broad spectrum of the maritime community attended a Maritime Safety Conference hosted by Shell Trading US Company. Among the various issues discussed, an item titled "Cultural Sensitivity" received specific support from a number of participants, including CSA, and the group targeted the item as worthy of further review. Following discussions during a few conference calls, participants provided/identified information sources and web sites for consideration by persons interested in cultural sensitivity and the impact on safety in the maritime industry. The items considered valuable to the participants are included below. The list will naturally grow over time and viewers of this posting are encouraged to add to the list by sending information to CSA.

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For centuries, acts of piracy have impacted the commercial maritime industry. While efforts to combat these illegal acts may change with time and methods, it is certain that anti-piracy actions are only successful through coordination of military and commercial resources and efforts. While responsive action once under attack is an important component of any anti-piracy effort, prevention or hardening of potential targets is equally if not more important to increase the likelihood that the attack does not occur at all.

The Chamber of Shipping of America would like to ensure that the industry (members and non-members) as a whole have access to timely information to enable vessels and their owners to take the necessary action to mitigate threats from piracy. Relevant documents and links are provided below to assure the widest distribution of critical information to the global maritime industry.

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International Chamber of Shipping / International Shipping Federation

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Shipping Federation (ISF) are the principal international trade association and employers' organisation for merchant ship operators, representing all sectors and trades and about 80% of the world merchant fleet.

International Chamber of Shipping - This is the link to access free resources as well as publications.