Membership in CSA

In tracing its lineage to the founding of the first American shipowners' association in 1917, CSA is proud to live up to the intent of the original founders, i.e. to respond reactively to proposals, both legislative and regulatory, by the federal government and to proactively manage self-initiated issues developed by the members. The simple reason for an owner or operator to be a member of the association is to ensure they have all the information necessary in order to understand the activities of government and the impact on their operations. That impact has grown over the years from activities of the federal government to include a major role for the international community through the International Maritime Organization and, of late, activities by individual states. Knowledge in the maritime business is an operational necessity and CSA membership can serve as a key aspect of how a company ensures they have all the information necessary to run their business and have the opportunity to engage in unified positions on issues of critical importance.

If you are interested in becoming a member of CSA please contact Kathy J. Metcalf, President & CEO on our contact page.

CSA's Members

ABS Americas
AET Inc Limited
Alfa Laval
Association of Ship Brokers & Agents (USA) Inc.
BP Shipping
Bureau Veritas Marine
Chevron Shipping Co., LLC
ConocoPhillips - Polar Tankers
Crowley Maritime Corporation
International Registries Incorporated, Marshall Islands Registry
Keystone Shipping Co.
Matson Navigation Company
Moran Shipping Agencies, Inc.
MTI Network
OSG Ship Management, Inc.
Pasha Hawaii
Seabulk Tankers, Inc.
SGS Global Marine Services
Shell Trading (US) Company
Stolt Tankers BV
Total Marine Solutions Inc.
TOTE Services, Inc