About Us

The Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) represents U.S. based companies that own, operate or charter oceangoing tank, container, or dry bulk vessels engaged in both the domestic and international trades and companies that maintain a commercial interest in the operation of such oceangoing vessels. Current members include companies that own or operate U.S. flag or foreign-flag vessels.


Our mission is to represent members' interests regarding U.S. and International legislative, regulatory, and administrative entities.


Our vision is to be recognized as a primary organization representing, owners, operators, and charterers of U.S. and foreign flag vessels, before U.S. and international legislative, regulatory, and administrative entities.


We seek to achieve our mission and vision through the primary strategies of education, engagement, collaboration and alignment. At all times, we:

Strategy Implementation

1) CSA will represent and aggressively pursue the members' interests before US & International regulatory, legislative & administrative entities.

2) CSA will act as a conduit (2-way flow of information) between CSA Members and state/local organizations and engage on state/local issues where appropriate.

3) CSA will promptly and thoroughly inform its members of issues affecting the maritime industry arising internationally and in the United States.

4) CSA will establish and maintain relationships with legislative and regulatory officials, members of the media, persons in the international maritime community and other influential persons.

5) CSA will act as a Subject Matter Expert on maritime issues (not as a primary lobbying organization).